Scrambled video test and hopes for a stable video library
27/01/2009, 13:41
Filed under: HIAP/Pixelache VJ project

This is just a little test I did yesterday for video scrambling using Processing. Loading random vids and messing them up with some frame differencing and skipping about to random frames. I liked the messy result. I’m using vids with very low frame rate and compression for the moment though, since I can’t get the video library stable enough to handle heavier loads. This seems to be the problem a lot for many people using video in Processing. I’ve been trying out the FasterMovie class, but now I’m hopefull for a better solution since I just found the GStreamer Video Library by codeanticode. I will try it out today, and we’ll see when I get some results, since it’s a bit tricky installing on Mac. Wish me luck!

Here are some useful links and threads on the subject: Cure for live video ills?, Cross-platform video library, GSvideo on SourceForge, GStreamer Java and MacPorts.




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Hi, what are you using to generate the video output from Processing? The MovieMaker class?

Comment by ac

No for this short clip I haven’t used the MovieMaker class, I simply made a screen capture using Snapz Pro X… 🙂

Comment by NYX

ok, I see. Because I want to start making some short videos showing how my app works, but I haven’t implemented writing to disk with gsvideo. BTW, my code is available online at sourceforge:
I’ll be updating it quite often.

Comment by ac

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